3D Total Games

3D Total Games produce high quality Card and Boards Games including 404, Escape the Nightmare and Wizards Academy, all of which can be found for sale on Amazon and via third-party sellers as well as through their own webstore


R4D4 are the only known producers of a D4 which will produce random numbers between one and four on demand but will not cripple you if you step on one that has been left on the floor on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


SquareHex specialise in producing custom printed gaming materials including character sheets and mapping grids of various sizes. they also produce a regular Roleplaying Magazine called Oubliette and resell a small selection of RPG's, Board Games and RolePlaying Aids produced by third-party developers

Indie Games Alliance

Some of the most incredible, innovative experiences in tabletop gaming come from independent designers and publishers. Sadly, without a huge marketing budget, it can be prohibitively difficult and expensive to put together the kind of global team needed to build brand awareness and hook the world on your latest game project. That's where we come in. We've built an international team comprised of independent designers and publishers, writers and artists, and most importantly, players. We handle the recruiting, organization, and logistics. Want your game in distribution? Done. We've negotiated member discounts with industry-leading vendors on manufacturing, services, and everything else you'll need. All the publishers need to do is keep making great games for us to promote.