The latest GM and writing tool from Artemis Games, Jigsaw Fantasy is a series of small interconnected setting elements, designed to slot into pre-existing worlds or click together with each other to build a piecework campaign setting.

These setting elements include people, places, cultures and races, among other features.

Each Jigsaw Piece has at least two potential points of connection called out - with possible links drawn from many established settings as well as our other Jigsaw Pieces and Concept Cards.

Jigsaw Fantasy is released in an ongoing manner through Patreon, wherein we are releasing 4000 words of setting a month. Patrons also get the opportunity to vote on what Jigsaw Pieces they want to see next

At Artemis Games we have innumerable ideas bubbling away, but among the most active are:

Clash of Blades

A 2-player card game in which the players may be crazed berserkers, swashbucklers, rogues or paladins. Simultaneous turn-based gameplay allows for bluffing, as each player tries to strike without leaving themselves open to their opponents blows. The gameplay is based around timing

Concept Cards - Alternative Genres

Concept Cards were Artemis Games first project, for which we got great enthusiasm, but we have so far produced them only for Medieval Fantasy settings. Future projects in the Concept Cards line are likely to include: Superheroes, Science Fiction, Noir and Modern Day.

Pocket Wargame

Facing off with the design and development challenges of making a Wargame that can be played on a regular table in less than three hours - or even in a pub. It's an ambitious challenge, but one we can't say no to.

World Domination

We're a bit stumped on how to achieve this one. Any advice?